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Party building spirit

Source:LEMN  /   Editor:LEMN  /   Release time:2021-08-31

Changzhou lemn pressure vessel Co., Ltd. has 22 party members. The Party branch has strictly implemented the main line that the Party branch secretary pays attention to Party construction, and has given full play to the fighting fortress role of the Party branch and the vanguard role of Party members by focusing on the establishment of the "five good branches".

Strengthen political study and comprehensively improve the political quality of Party members. Formulate a detailed learning plan, strengthen the education and learning effect of Party members through the combination of centralized learning and self-study, and take the forms of knowledge test, writing experience, and special study and discussion. We will solidly promote the construction of Party branches and enhance their role as fighting fortresses. The branch focuses on further promoting the normalization and institutionalization of "two learning and one doing" learning and education, adheres to the "three sessions and one lesson" system, and focuses on building a standardized and standardized Party branch. The branch recommends comrades with strong party spirit, high quality, excellent style of work and recognized by the masses to the leading group of the branch to give full play to their exemplary role. Strengthen the guidance on the party building work of the six communities at the grass-roots level, and make the whole team have strong cohesion and combat effectiveness through specific guidance at the grass-roots level and carrying out pairing activities. Strengthen the construction of Party members and play a vanguard role in daily work. All Party members of the branch actively cooperated with each other during the general election of the six communities. Join hands with the Party branch of xinjiayuan community to carry out the Zhiyuan service activity of lighting up the "micro wish" and personally serve the masses at the grass-roots level. The contents include health lectures for the elderly, psychological counseling for the disabled, publicity against financial fraud, etc. Implement the publicity and implementation of Party style and clean government, learn lessons and promote the development of the party. By organizing the party members to watch the warning education films and studying the cases of the party committees at higher levels, we should thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's characteristic socialism thought and the nineteen spirit of the party in the new era, so that every Party member can have a strong sense of crisis, crisis awareness and honesty and enterprising spirit.

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