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Great she pan Yanping: honest and trustworthy, famous today

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Great she -- honest and trustworthy, famous today

Pan Yanping is the chairman and Secretary of the Party branch of Changzhou lemeng pressure vessel Co., Ltd. He won the "Changzhou May Day Labor Medal" in 2012 and was rated as "Changzhou integrity star" and the most influential "Changzhou female entrepreneur" in 2019.

Since the establishment of the enterprise in 2003, Comrade Pan Yanping has been demanding himself as an excellent Communist Party member, leading the enterprise and employees to explore and innovate, compete for the wave of the new era, be honest and trustworthy, and won unanimous praise from the outside world. From small to large, from weak to strong, the strength of the enterprise continues to develop and grow. The company has more than 50 patents, including 4 invention patents, 3 soft copyrights and 2 national standards. The company has Jiangsu high-tech enterprise certificate, Changzhou high-tech products, Changzhou Private Science and technology enterprise certification, Jiangsu sapphire crystal furnace intelligent welding engineering technology research center, Jiangsu semiconductor vacuum cavity Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu enterprise technology center, Changzhou vacuum cavity welding engineering technology research center Changzhou coating machine vacuum cavity manufacturing engineering technology research center and other honors.

Plant a solid industrial foundation and adhere to the road of rejuvenating enterprises through science and technology

Deeply rooted in the mechanical precision processing technology, constantly innovate products and produce high-quality products, establish a first-class engineering research center and quality monitoring system, a complete market service network, and a sincere corporate culture, create a brand with quality, maintain the brand with service, and cultivate the brand with culture, so as to promote "lemeng" to the world.

The company was originally a manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery products. When it was founded, it had only a dozen employees. It did a good job and obtained the pressure vessel license issued by the state. However, in the process of contacting customers, pan Yanping keenly found that the state attached great importance to the new energy industry, realized that this was a major opportunity, took the initiative to contact a number of relevant customers, and after contacting a number of customer companies, they all had the intention of further cooperation. Focusing on the semiconductor industry chain and according to different customer needs, lemeng has initially formed three product series corresponding to semiconductor special gas, special tank and pressure vessel produced by chemical pharmaceutical industry, vacuum cavity produced by semiconductor single crystal, and coating equipment and key parts of thin film semiconductor.

In 2020, in the complex international environment, lemeng's performance output value was 800 million, with a month on month increase of more than 70%, and some output and sales volume ranked first in the world; Jiangsu lemeng Precision Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary established for the OLED industry, has successfully passed the quality verification of many international panel manufacturers, obtained batch orders, successfully broke through the neck technology and replaced imported products. People now use OLED screen mobile phones and watches, and the key parts used in production include lemeng products, such as Rouyu's folding screen mobile phone, Huawei's watch, etc.

Widely absorb talents and adhere to the road of talent development

Comrade Pan Yanping attaches great importance to the introduction of talents. At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, he successively introduced experts in the industry to improve the quality and quality of products. Later, he engaged in the photovoltaic industry and invested in introducing high-end talents from universities and enterprises in Xi'an, Beijing and other places.

Due to the depression of the photovoltaic industry in the general environment, some employees feel the crisis and worry that the company will close down and their personal interests will be lost. In this case, Comrade Pan Yanping decisively proposed that we should not default on the wages of scientific researchers, give priority to meeting the payment of scientific research funds, and invest in establishing "industry university research" cooperation with Anhui University of technology and Changgong Institute to develop new products. Pan Yanping also took the initiative to act as the leader of scientific research projects and presided over the R & D work of one provincial science and technology support project and five district projects from 2018 to 2020.

The company also established the first vacuum welding engineering technology center in Changzhou, obtained 50 patents, and its products won the title of "provincial and municipal high-tech products". The enterprise passed the audit of "provincial high-tech enterprise" and was also rated as "private science and technology enterprise".

Create a strong corporate culture and adhere to the road of humanistic development

The company has grown from a small factory with more than a dozen people to a medium-sized factory with about 200 people today. Employees come from different places. Both in the old factory and the new factory, the company attaches great importance to caring for the vital interests of employees. The company has established enterprise party branches, trade unions and women's federations to hold regular activities to give employees a warm home; Provide free meals for employees and accommodation for foreign employees; Commercial insurance and social security of "five insurances and one fund" were handled for employees. Even in 2012, the company did not cut one employee. Every year, we offer condolences to needy families and disabled people, subsidize school attendance, and greatly increase the income of employees every year.

In addition, as a female entrepreneur, pan Yanping attaches great importance to women's work and life, regularly holds special lectures on women's health and organizes regular physical examination for female employees, which has been widely praised by female employees. The company has been rated as an advanced party organization and "five good enterprise" for three consecutive years.

Play a vanguard and exemplary role and adhere to the road of development according to law

Comrade Pan Yanping always has a belief that "industry serves the country and benefits the society": lemeng's 18-year entrepreneurial process is inseparable from the support of the government and the concern of the society. He and the enterprise must carry out economic business under the norms of national laws and regulations. Enterprises and entrepreneurs have the responsibility to feed society back. Since its establishment, the company has implemented and complied with the relevant guidelines, policies, laws and regulations of the party and the state, and there has been no violation of laws and regulations. Although the enterprise's revenue is not the largest enterprise in Menghe Town, it has always been among the best in terms of tax payment.

The enterprise has won the titles of "advanced tax paying enterprise", "top ten enterprises with average contribution per mu", "outstanding contribution award of industrial enterprise" and so on. He has been rated as "excellent Party member" and "industry professor" for many times.

A hundred feet, go further. Comrade Pan Yanping will continue to lead enterprises and employees to move forward, make greater and better contributions to national enterprises and repay the society with practical actions!

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