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  • Liang Yibo investigates integrated circuit industry chain enterprises in Menghe town

Liang Yibo investigates integrated circuit industry chain enterprises in Menghe town

Source:Menghe, a famous town  /   Editor:LEMN  /   Release time:2021-08-31

On the afternoon of April 14, Liang Yibo, member of the Standing Committee of Changzhou municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor of Changzhou municipal government, and his party came to Menghe town to Changzhou lemeng pressure vessel Co., Ltd. to investigate the IC industry chain. Gao Dong, Secretary of the town Party committee, and Tang Haoming, deputy mayor, accompanied the investigation.

Liang Yibo and his party had a detailed understanding of the current situation and future development plan of the integrated circuit industry of Changzhou lemeng pressure vessel company. Since its establishment, lemeng company has always adhered to its original intention, faced the needs of the semiconductor industry, deeply cultivated mechanical precision processing technology, and continuously innovated products and produced high-quality products from pressure vessels to vacuum chambers, from coating machines to key parts of semiconductor evaporation machines. Focusing on the semiconductor industry chain and according to different customer needs, the company has initially formed three product series corresponding to semiconductor special gas, special tank and pressure vessel produced by chemical pharmaceutical industry, vacuum cavity produced by semiconductor single crystal, and coating equipment and key parts of thin film semiconductor. The products have gone from Menghe to the world, and the product quality has been at the forefront of the world. Some products have successfully replaced the leading position of foreign products in the domestic market.

Liang Yibo pointed out that the semiconductor and integrated circuit industry has broad market prospects and huge domestic substitution space. We should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, actively seize the opportunity of the development of the integrated circuit industry, vigorously introduce and cultivate high-end elements, support the leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and strive to build a complete, technologically advanced and more competitive integrated circuit industry chain. Make every effort to break through the key technologies for the development of integrated circuit industry chain.

The main principals of the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology and the person in charge of Xinbei District participated in the research.

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