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  • When investigating Menghe Town, Chen Jinhu pointed out: leading the industrial town with innovation and building a characteristic town with culture

When investigating Menghe Town, Chen Jinhu pointed out: leading the industrial town with innovation and building a characteristic town with culture

Source:Changzhou daily  /   Editor:LEMN  /   Release time:2021-08-31

In December 17th, mayor Chen Jinhu went to the investigation of Meng he town in Xinbei District, pointing out that we should take the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee spirit of the party and the general secretary of Jiangsu to inspect the directive spirit of the important speech in Jiangsu as a guideline, thoroughly implement the new development concept, lead the industry strong town by innovation, create a characteristic town by culture, make up for the shortage of boards, promote the promotion of the long board, and deepen the construction of the economically developed town in an all-round way.

Xiaohuangshan ecological health town has a total planning area of 11.5 square kilometers. Relying on the ecological base of xiaohuangshan, it is planned to form a spatial pattern of one road, one garden, three axes, five towns and twelve post stations with the theme of traditional Chinese medicine, ecological pastoral and cultural leisure. After a detailed understanding of the project planning and construction, Chen Jinhu pointed out that Menghe town is the birthplace of Menghe medical school and has a profound cultural heritage of traditional Chinese medicine. We should adhere to high starting point planning and high-quality construction of ecological health towns, fully tap and integrate the historical and cultural resources of traditional Chinese medicine, tell the story of "Menghe medical school", explore the "tourism +" model, and comprehensively promote the in-depth integration and development of culture, tourism, health care industry.

The Menghe medical school represented by Fei Boxiong, Ma Peizhi, Chao Chongshan and Ding Ganren once created the brilliance of "Wuzhong famous doctors are the best in the world, and Menghe famous doctors are the best in Wuzhong". Chen Jinhu visited Fei Boxiong's former residence and Ding Ganren's former residence to understand the development process of Menghe medical school. He asked the relevant departments of Menghe Town, city and district to make every effort to protect and develop the culture of Menghe medical school, actively build a carrier platform, introduce and integrate high-quality resources, promote academic exchanges of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthen and optimize the traditional Chinese medicine industry, and promote the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

Jiangsu lemeng Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has made great efforts to develop technologies related to the industrialization of OLED metal mask, and the related products have achieved mass production and replaced imports, breaking the foreign monopoly. Chen Jinhu encourages enterprises to adhere to the road of specialization and innovation, accelerate the pace of talent introduction, continuously improve their independent innovation ability, vigorously tackle the "neck" technology, actively embrace the capital market and realize fission development. Departments at all levels should strengthen factor guarantee to escort the development of enterprises.

During the survey, Chen Jinhu also solicited opinions and suggestions on government work next year.

Chen Jinhu requested that Menghe town should further enhance its "awareness of raising standards" and "awareness of catching up with and Surpassing", seriously plan the development of the 14th five year plan and next year's work, accelerate the filling of weaknesses and forging of long plates, and promote the construction of industrial strong towns and characteristic towns to a new level. We should deeply implement the innovation driven strategy, focus on the upgrading of the industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain, vigorously carry out investment attraction, talent recruitment and intelligence, accelerate the construction of public technical service platforms such as R & D and testing, promote the high-end, intelligent, green, brand and cluster development of automobile parts and other industries, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of the industry. We should fully tap the characteristic culture of traditional Chinese medicine, inherit and develop Menghe medical school, promote the organic integration of traditional Chinese medicine with health preservation, elderly care and cultural tourism, build a characteristic industry of traditional Chinese medicine + cultural tourism, and constantly improve the popularity and influence of Menghe.

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